Friday, March 4, 2011

Yam cheesecake

Reading the Food section in Sunday Straits Times is a weekly routine. Last week, an interesting recipe Orh Nee Cheesecake was featured. After some hesitation, I decided to halve the recipe, adapt to the ingredients at home as the ingredients are not cheap.

70g Oreo Cookies
30g butter melted
20g almond flakes

1 box Philedelphia Cheese
60g sugar
1 egg
80ml Nestle Heavy cream
120g yam (steamed, mashed to bits)

120ml Greek yogart.
1 tbsp coconut milk
1 tbsp sugar

1. Prepare the crust by mising the ingredients.
2. Press them into a pre- alumined lined tin.
3. Scatter almond flakes on top.
4. Put in freezer for 30 ,ins.

1. Beat cheese and sugar for 5 mins on medium.
2. Add eggs.
3. Stop the mixture and stir the ingredients.
4. Add heavy cream.
5. Add yam in.
6. Pour mixture on top of the crust.
7. Bake in water bath tray for 1 hr.
8. Gas mark 4, 170 degrees.

1. Take cake out to cool for 5 mins.
2. Add topping ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
3. Whisk happily for 3 mins.
4. Pour on top of cheesecake.
5. Bake for 5 mins in gas mark 3 or 150 degrees.
6. Cool for 2 hours and further put in fridge for 6 hours.

1. Put cheesecake in freezer for 1 hour.
2. Take it out, put cutting knife in a cup filled with hot water.
3. Dry knife carefully and cut cheesecake.
4. Dip the knife again in hot water.
5. Dry it carefully before cutting next slice.

The remainder of the yam was made into Or Nee. Real Teochew taste.
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